Founding Engineer - Research



New York, NY, USA
Posted on Friday, September 1, 2023
At Shadow, we're building the end-to-end data platform for crypto.

We believe that 30 years from now, blockchains will act as a record of all human activity. And everyone – from individuals to institutions – will want the ability to make use of the information enshrined on blockchains in their own ways.

Blockchains are fundamentally new types of databases, yet it’s much too difficult to work with onchain data today. We’re taking a crypto native approach to solve this, starting with infrastructure to generate shadow event data for any smart contract.

Why join

Team –– we have a high bar; you'll be on a small team of extremely talented individuals.

Impact –– work on stuff that actually matters and will grow crypto as a whole.

Ownership –– you will have an extreme level of autonomy over your work.

We’re hiring a founding research engineer to join our world-class team in NYC.

About The Role

In this role you’ll be working closely with the CEO, CTO, and the technical staff of our enterprise customers to do protocol research, design data models, and write shadow events in Solidity smart contracts. You should get excited about working with the research teams of other top crypto companies to extract and analyze onchain data, and to publish your work publicly.

What You'll Do (responsibilities)

We're looking for an experienced IC who wants to:

Define the new standard for onchain data. We’re taking a deeply crypto-native approach to onchain data, and strongly believe that the way we’re doing things will become the new standard for the rest of the ecosystem. You’ll get to be a primary author on how it plays out.

Go deep on cutting-edge protocols. We’re already working with the top researchers and analysts in crypto. You’ll get to partner closely with folks you know from Twitter.

Create novel and valuable datasets. Shadow events can unlock completely new datasets that protocol teams, hedge funds, and MEV searchers would kill to have. You’ll lead the charge to identify and implement the most valuable ones across protocols and chains.

Our tech stack
  • Typescript, React, Tailwind, and GraphQL
  • Backend infrastructure built in Rust and Go
  • Kafka, Postgres, Snowflake, and BigTable

What We're Looking For (qualifications)

You're a senior or staff-level IC that has gone deep into the world of onchain data. We’re looking for an engineer with smart contract / EVM experience, or a data scientist who isn’t afraid of writing some Solidity. This role doesn't fit neatly into a box. If you feel like your unique skillset would be a good fit please reach out.

Obsession with onchain data. You’re fascinated by protocol mechanism design, have examined the code of dozens of dapps, and understand how the decisions they’ve made affect how onchain data is generated.

Data hygiene and best practices. You’ve learned the importance of good data quality from experience, and have the battle scars to prove it. You’ll be scaling your knowledge for all of our customers and for the crypto data ecosystem as a whole.

Curious and quick learning. We don't expect you to have experience in every technology we use, but to learn and be productive quickly.

Pragmatic attention to detail. We strive for few slips in code, Git hygiene, and clear written communication — all while remaining low-ego and solution oriented.

Good heart. We are a group of friendly ambitious nerds, and don't tolerate jerks.

What We Offer (compensation & Benefits)

We'll treat you well. If there are other benefits that are important to you, we'd like to hear.

Highly competitive salary and equity — we target 90th percentile compensation for both salary and equity. You’ll be expected to act like an owner, because you are one.

Paid time off — 4 weeks paid vacation, paid sick leave, and paid parental leave.

In-person culture — we work out of a beautiful office in Soho New York with other early-stage crypto folks, and have a culture of coming in 5 days a week as a default.

Hardware setup — we’ll buy whatever you need to be productive.

Work trials

We’re a fan of paid work trials. We believe they’re the best way to learn whether there’s a mutual fit, and equally beneficial for the candidate as the company.

This is not a requirement, as we understand that every individual’s situation is different. We'll discuss details during the process, but work trials are fully paid, and usually last 2-7 days where we have your full time and focus during the period – e.g. you’ve taken PTO at your full-time job, have no other contract work obligations, etc.

Compensation Range: $200K - $250K