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Posted on Monday, October 24, 2022

The development team at Euler Labs are looking for an experienced Full-stack Developer to help us build out our permissionless lending dapp and other decentralised finance (DeFi) protocols.

About Euler

We are building a permissionless lending protocol - similar to Compound or Aave - that allows users to activate their own money markets (among many other innovations). You can think of Euler as the Uniswap of lending.

We are a fast-growth startup backed by world-leading investors and looking to scale our operation rapidly in the coming year. All of our employees work remotely and are distributed across the globe.

As an early member of the team you will have the opportunity to have a significant impact on the growth of Euler and be rewarded accordingly with a competitive salary and token options.

Where and when do we work?

  • We hire the best people, wherever in the world they are
  • We are a fully remote team and work wherever suits us
  • We work asynchronously with flexible meeting times

What is our culture?

  • We are results-driven, with a focus on quality outcomes, not time spent working
  • We work flexible hours and welcome employees having a balanced working schedule
  • We encourage debate, challenge conventional wisdom, and thrive on constructive feedback
  • We are committed to building a diverse, inclusive company; people of color, LGBTQ individuals, women, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply
  • We believe in collaboration, transparency and accountability

What are the benefits and perks?

  • Remote working with flexible hours
  • Competitive salary and token offering
  • Make impactful contributions to an early-stage startup and build a reputation
  • Have autonomy to develop your own libraries and improve your skills
  • Work with intelligent, kind and inspiring people

How do we hire?

  • We are looking for experience and proof-of-work, not certificates
  • Candidates can send us a CV, LinkedIn profile, GitHub account, website, or just plain email, for initial screening
  • The best candidates will then be invited on a call to discuss their motivations, industry knowledge, background and experience with one of the founding team
  • Depending on the role, we will then invite candidates to a further technical interview designed to bring out their best qualities and let them showcase their skill

About you

The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of React.js and TypeScript, has an interest in DeFi, and has previous experience working on dapps or other blockchain-based projects.

Skills and experience

  • Deep understanding of React.js and TypeScript
  • Track record of building and deploying dapp front-end solutions
  • Experience using Ethers.js/web3.js
  • Experience using Node.js
  • Experience using local storage
  • Experienced user of Git version control system
  • Passionate about DeFi and knowledgeable about industry trends

Preferred extras

  • Experience using Solidity
  • Experience using websockets
  • Experience creating npm libraries
  • Experience using Material UI and graphing libraries
  • Experience using Linux
  • Experience using MongoDB
  • Experience using AWS Elastic Computing (EC2) and Lambdas
  • DevOps experience (Docker/AWS/Webpack)

Your responsibilities

  • Help to design, implement, test, and review the Euler front-end
  • Work on integrating Euler smart contracts into 3rd party protocols
  • Collaborate with full-stack and smart contract developers to bring Euler to life
  • Adopt code quality processes to ensure the readability and maintainability of repos
  • Contribute to the development of automated testing code bases


Competitive negotiable salary and token options.



Euler is an equal opportunity employer.

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